Digital project management

Unlock efficiency and success in your digital projects: Expert management to guide your journey from conception to completion.

How I streamline your digital projects with personalized management for successful outcomes

Initial assessment and planning

I’ll conduct a thorough review of the project and objectives.

This will include setting clear goals, timelines, and resource allocations to ensure that your project is on the right track from the start

Execution and management

This includes coordinating with any necessary teams or stakeholders, overseeing the project’s progress, and ensuring that all activities align with the predefined strategy.

I’ll be hands-on in managing the various aspects of the project, adapting to any challenges or changes along the way.

Review and optimization

In the final phase, I’ll conduct a comprehensive review of the project’s outcomes against the initial objectives.

This will involve analyzing performance data, gathering feedback, and identifying areas for further improvement.

How is the digital project management set up?

1. Project kick-off and assessment

Initial consultation and strategic planning

2. Implementation and coordination

Hands-on execution and agile management

3. Performance analysis and feedback

Comprehensive review and tactical adjustments

4. Resource optimization

Efficient use of tools and talent

5. Communication management

Streamlined stakeholder engagement

6. Risk management and mitigation

Identifying and addressing potential challenges

7. Closure and future planning

Finalizing projects and setting future directions

Your blueprint for digital project excellence!

Experience streamlined project execution, enhanced quality, strategic alignment, and long-term success with our comprehensive digital project management approach.

What’s in the digital project management service?

Enhanced project efficiency:

Projects are executed more efficiently, minimizing time and cost overruns.

Improved quality of output

Higher quality deliverables, meeting or exceeding objectives.

Clear communication and stakeholder satisfaction

Effective communication ensures informed, satisfied stakeholders.

Risk mitigation

Proactive risk management for smoother project flow and predictable outcomes.

Data-Driven insights for future projects:

Valuable insights from reviews enhance long-term strategic planning.

Strategic alignment with business goals

Projects stay aligned with broader business objectives, aiding growth.


Some of the companies we’ve had the chance to support with their marketing strategy

Logo of the company myclimate, client from werank GmbH
Logo of the company Vorwerk, client of werank GmbH
Logo of the company AMC international, client from werank GmbH
Logo of the company Mindfuel, client from werank GmbH

About us

Photo of Julien Vidal, CEO of werank GmbH, a company based in Switzerland that offers digital marketing (SEO) services.
Julien Vidal

Co-founder, CEO

After nearly 20 years as a marketer for national and international companies, he chose entrepreneurship to meet our customers’ digital challenges, promoting their growth and visibility on Google.

Picture of Raquel Vidal, CMO of werank, a company based in Switzerland that offers digital marketing (SEO) services
Raquel Vidal

Co-founder, CMO

Her passion for digital marketing, coupled with her expertise in communications, enables her to develop innovative and effective content strategies, making her a key player in the evolution of our customers’ online presence.

Our certifications

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Logo for the certification of Google Analytics for werank GmbH

Frequently asked questions

For whom is the digital project management service recommended?

This service is tailored for medium to large companies that undertake significant digital projects. It’s ideal for organizations looking to enhance their project management capabilities, whether in digital transformation or large-scale website projects. If your company is seeking expert guidance to ensure projects are completed efficiently and aligned with strategic business objectives, this service is for you.

For whom is this project management service NOT recommended?

If your company already has a well-established project management office (PMO) or has recently streamlined its digital project management processes effectively, you might not require this service. This offering is designed to bring structure and strategic oversight to digital projects, which may not be necessary for organizations with advanced, well-functioning project management systems.

Who can order a digital project management service?

I specialize in working with medium and large companies, including multinational corporations, across various sectors. My services are offered in German, French, and English, suitable for both domestic and international projects. I am particularly adept at handling complex, large-scale digital initiatives that require meticulous planning and management.

What issues will be solved with this digital project management service?

This service addresses common challenges in managing large-scale digital projects, such as aligning projects with corporate strategy, ensuring timely delivery, managing diverse teams and resources, and adapting to changing project scopes. It ensures that your digital initiatives are executed efficiently and contribute effectively to your organizational goals.

How long does it take to complete a project management cycle?

The duration varies based on project complexity and scope, especially for larger organizations. A typical cycle could range from several months to over a year. An initial assessment will provide a more accurate timeline, tailored to the specific needs and scale of your project.

Is there any personalized support included with the project management service?

Yes, personalized support is integral to this service. It includes initial strategy sessions, regular progress updates, and a thorough review upon project completion. Support is tailored to fit the scale and complexity of your organization’s projects, with additional coaching or ongoing project management support available as needed.