What is a digital marketing audit? Unveiling the benefits

A digital marketing audit allows understanding and analyze in detail the impact of the different online activities of a company or a brand.

So, thanks to this audit, you can measure the leads and revenues coming from your website. You can also have a global analysis of the added value of social media on your turnover.

Finally, you will have detailed reporting on the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Find in this article the main reasons and the key steps to perform a digital marketing audit and improve your online activities.

Introduction to the digital marketing audit and its objectives

A marketing audit aims to analyze all activities directly related to your online presence and results.

Since the website of a company or brand is the central element of digital activities, conducting an audit ensures that the website meets internet standards.

audit of a website

For example, the navigation through the different pages must be simple and comprehensible.

The structure of the website must be established so that the main elements are highlighted (products, services, companies).

The secondary elements (legal notices, FAQ) although they are not a priority, must be accessible.

You also have to make sure that the pages load quickly and that the images are the right size.

Finally, due to the ever-increasing number of mobile devices (Table, Phone), the website must be “responsive,” meaning that it is adapted to this type of screen.

Furthermore, the purpose of the audit is to evaluate the impact of the different digital channels on the online presence of a brand or a company.

For example, posting regularly on social media allows you to increase your visibility, but more importantly, it’s help to generate leads or online sales.

In the same way, advertising campaigns allow reaching a potential target of customers through different formats.

Thanks to the audit, you can measure the efficiency of each digital activity. And also to understand in detail what are the points to improve.

Why is the audit important for companies or entrepreneurs?

The implementation of a global marketing strategy on the different digital channels can quickly become complex.

Whether it is for the strategy, the choice of the advertising format, the measurement tools, the content, the budget to define or to have measurable results.

Online advertising

Often, in medium and large companies, not all marketing activities are managed by the same department.

Advertising campaigns are commonly under the responsibility of the E-commerce or sales team. Content is created by the communications team and social media is managed by the marketing team.

This “fragmentation” of responsibilities makes it difficult to create a global reporting of the different activities.

I have also seen many ad campaigns that had limited performance, simply because the conversion tracking was not properly implemented.
Julien Vidal, digital marketing consultant (SEO & SEA) freelanceJulien Vidal

Very often, content is created and published on a website without targeting a specific keyword, which ultimately has little impact in terms of organic traffic (SEO).

Thus, a digital marketing audit allows having a general vision of each activity and their added value on the company’s strategy.

The different types of digital marketing audits (SEO, social media, email marketing, etc.)

There are several ways to perform a digital marketing audit. It mainly depends on the digital activities of the brand or a company.

The website

Generally, the technical analysis of the website is the starting point of an audit. We make sure that the site is correctly structured and easily indexable by search engines.

The content of the site

Then, we analyze the content and copyrighting of the site, which have a direct impact on the visibility in search engines (SEO On-site). The content has a direct impact on an audience (user experience).

Content strategy for a website

Social networks

Through the marketing audit, we analyze in detail the effectiveness of the communication and marketing strategies implemented by a company on social media.

Emailing activities

Often relegated to the background, email marketing activities are fundamental to a successful marketing strategy.

In my experience, emailing strategies are limited to sending a monthly email to the whole database (customers and prospects).

Email marketing process

I was lucky enough to be able to improve digital results very quickly simply by optimizing email marketing activities.

It was enough to create user segments. And then, to plan the automatic sending of emails that corresponded to the expectations of each customer or prospect.

Advertising campaigns

Finally, marketing campaigns are one of the mains parts of the digital marketing audit.

quote: Frequently, marketing campaigns are one of the acquisition levers with the highest optimization potential.

Google regularly highlights the simplicity of tools such as Google Ads and the quick set up of ads.

However, accessibility does not necessarily mean successful advertising campaigns with a high conversion rate (results). In practical cases, we can quickly spend a significant budget without having a good return on investment.

That’s why it’s important to analyse each campaign and acquisition channel in detail.

Key steps for the digital marketing strategy

When I perform a Digital Marketing Audit, I start with a site audit. To do this, I ask for access to different analysis tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics and sometimes even at the backend level.

Google Analytics

This allows me to have a global view of the performance of the site and its content. And above all to establish technical SEO recommendations.

I then review the tracking, which I think is too often underestimated. It is necessary to define clear objectives and make sure that these key elements (KPI) are correctly tracked on the site.

Not to be overlooked is the compliance of user data collection with the RGPD standard. Each visitor to a site must be informed about the collection and use of their data.

Also, the presence on social networks is very important. Whether it is for prospects who discover the brand or the products or for the established audience which is mostly made up of customers.

It is quite easy to estimate the performance of social networks on the marketing strategy using tracking parameters (UTM).

Social Media

Finally, the Digital Marketing Audit highlights the performance of paid activities. I review the different acquisition channels such as Google Ads or Meta (Facebook & Instagram Ads) and make sure that all campaigns are optimized.

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A digital marketing audit is a fundamental element to evaluate the performance of your online marketing strategy.

The audit allows analyzing the added value of social networks. But also to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and to understand in detail the points to be improved. This for a successful global marketing strategy.

In addition, the webmarketing audit allows having a general vision of each activity and their impacts on the marketing strategy of a company and its results.

If you wish to evaluate your online activities through a digital marketing audit, do not hesitate to contact us

We offer this service (audit) as a digital marketing consultant and would be happy to discuss in detail the different possibilities, the latest trends and practical cases to optimize your digital marketing strategy

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