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Within Switzerland’s innovative business context, hiring a freelance SEO is a very good solution for companies aiming to improve their national visibility within Google.

The landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. In 2023, 51,637 new companies were launched in Switzerland (+3.2% on 2022).

This growth also reflects the variety of businesses across the country. Highlighting how important it is to have customized SEO strategies for different industries such as crafts, consulting, real estate or finance.

What’s more, Switzerland presents unique challenges (but also opportunities) in terms of implementing a nationwide SEO strategy, due to its linguistic diversity.

Over 60% of the population speak German, over 20% speak French and 45% regularly speak English.

At werank, we understand these linguistic nuances;

We are able to develop strategies that meet the needs of the multilingual Swiss market, and that are also aligned with industry-specific trends. This enables your company to stand out in an already crowded market.

SEO consultants in Switzerland

The SEO challenges facing Swiss companies

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Swiss companies face tough competition, not only locally, but also from neighboring countries such as Germany, France, and Italy.

Standing out on Google is a real challenge. A company has to respond to specific needs and preferences, not least because people across the country have different habits and also speak three main languages: German, French and Italian.

To be seen nationally, companies need to create content that “speaks” in these three main languages.

What’s more, as the majority of Swiss companies are already investing in digital marketing and SEO, the online space is already well-stocked.

To meet these challenges, we can create a multilingual SEO strategy, adapted to the challenges of international competition, local nuances and linguistic diversity.

Specific advantages of hiring a freelance SEO in Switzerland

Working with a freelance SEO consultant in Switzerland offers many advantages.

Tout d’abord, un freelance ayant une expertise du marché suisse constitue un atout précieux

At werank, we have a very good understanding of the Swiss digital landscape. We know the difference between platforms like Galaxus and Amazon, Ricardo and eBay or Jobs and Indeed.

We have solid expertise in the linguistic particularities of Switzerland’s main languages

Distinguishing between terms such as “Natel” and “Téléphone portable”, “Séance” and “Réunion” or “Lingue” for “Serviette de maison” in a Swiss context.

This expertise ensures that our strategies are precisely tailored to the Swiss audience, taking advantage of local information that may be underestimated by international freelancers or those from a neighboring country.

The advantage of proximity applies throughout Switzerland. From Zurich to Basel, or even from Bern to Winterthur, working with a local SEO freelancer facilitates face-to-face interactions (less than 2 h 30 by train), favoring a solid, collaborative partnership.

How to choose your SEO freelancer in Switzerland

Choosing the right freelancer in Switzerland is a crucial step in improving your national visibility on Google.

Here’s how to make sure you’re working with the right person for your business:

1. References and case studies

Start by examining the freelancer’s references and case studies, especially those from Swiss companies with operations in different languages.

Positive feedback and successful collaborations within the Swiss landscape are good indicators of its effectiveness and understanding of the market.

The case studies showing significant improvements in online presence in the German and French parts of Switzerland are particularly valuable, as they provide tangible evidence of their skills.

Here is an overview of the customers we work with to improve their national visibility on Google in Switzerland.

Logo of the company myclimate, client from werank GmbH
Logo of the company Vorwerk, client of werank GmbH
Logo of the company AMC international, client from werank GmbH
Logo of the company Mindfuel, client from werank GmbH

2. Services offered

Evaluate the range of services offered by the freelancer. A freelancer with good expertise should offer a full range of SEO services

Including technical SEO, topics clusters, keyword research, onsite optimization and content strategy.

This range of services means we can meet all your SEO requirements, from the technical aspects of your website to the content presented to your prospects, even if your company is based in St. Gallen or Lucerne.

We have developed a tailor-made service to cover all these needs.

3. SEO experience

Evaluate his experience in the SEO field. Whether he has worked with a large company, in an agency or independently, long experience is often synonymous with a good level of expertise.

An experienced freelance SEO will have a nuanced understanding of the unique aspects of the Swiss market, including its linguistic diversity and a prospect’s regional search behavior. As in the canton of Fribourg, where two official languages are used.

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How much does an SEO consultant in Switzerland cost?

In Switzerland, SEO freelancers generally offer two pricing models to suit different project sizes and budgets: project-based fees (deliverables) or hourly rates.

Hourly rates for freelance SEO services range from 160 to 220 Swiss francs. This variation depends mainly on the freelancer’s level of experience. (Agencies tend to charge a little more, with rates between 220 and 250 Swiss francs.)

When it comes to invoicing per project (deliverables), costs can range from 4,000 to 8,000 Swiss francs (or even more).

The final price is influenced by several factors, including the size of the project, the number of languages required for optimization and the total number of pages on the website.

This pricing structure allows companies to choose an option that best suits their specific needs and budget.

If you’d like to talk about your SEO project and haven’t yet found the right partner, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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