SEO & Content marketing

Improve your visibility on Google: Benefit from a tailor-made SEO strategy

How can our tailor-made SEO service help you improve your visibility on Google?


We analyze all the technical aspects that have an impact on your website’s search engine performance


We’ll help you implement the technical recommendations for your website.

Content creation

We draw up an editorial plan by analyzing your existing content (French, German and English) and planning the content and articles that will meet your prospects’ requirements.

How does the SEO & Content Marketing service work?

1. Technical site analysis

Technical SEO audit of your website

2. Assessments and recommendations

Detailed technical SEO recommendations document

3. Development of topics clusters

Defining and grouping topics around your activities

4. Keyword search

Detailed analysis of main keywords related to topics

5. Setting up an editorial planning

Evaluation of existing website content and planning of new content

6. Content creation

Management of content creation for your website up to three languages (French, German and English)

7. Performance monitoring

Monthly tracking of 15 targeted keywords

A tailor-made SEO strategy!

Two physical or virtual sessions to present all the audit results and recommendations
A monthly follow-up to adapt your content creation to the targeted keywords

What does the SEO & Content Marketing service include?

Reporting & recommendations

The 20-25-page audit in PDF format and by e-mail (roadmap)

Topics clusters

A detailed list of the online search topics that best represent your business.

Keyword search

A keyword analysis (approx. 50) including search volume and a ranking of priority keywords.

Content creation

A content creation service optimized for your prospects that also meets SEO best practices.


Some of the companies we have supported in their digital marketing strategy

Logo of the company myclimate, client from werank GmbH
Logo of the company Vorwerk, client of werank GmbH
Logo of the company AMC international, client from werank GmbH
Logo of the company Mindfuel, client from werank GmbH

About us

Photo of Julien Vidal, CEO of werank GmbH, a company based in Switzerland that offers digital marketing (SEO) services.
Julien Vidal

Co-founder, CEO

After nearly 20 years as a marketer for national and international companies, he chose entrepreneurship to meet our customers’ digital challenges, promoting their growth and visibility on Google.

Picture of Raquel Vidal, CMO of werank, a company based in Switzerland that offers digital marketing (SEO) services
Raquel Vidal

Co-founder, CMO

Her passion for digital marketing, coupled with her expertise in communications, enables her to develop innovative and effective content strategies, making her a key player in the evolution of our customers’ online presence.

Our certifications

Logo for the certification of Google Ads for werank GmbH
Logo for the certification of Google Analytics for werank GmbH

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who is the SEO and content marketing service for?

This service is suitable for small and medium-sized Swiss companies (French, German and English) as well as for marketing or digital marketing teams who want a complete and detailed analysis of their company’s website.
The ideal service if you want to improve the technical part of your website to get more visibility on Google.

For whom is SEO and content marketing NOT recommended?

If you’ve already carried out an SEO audit some time ago in-house, using an external agency or company, this audit is probably not for you.
Organizing an SEO audit is useful for understanding your visibility on search engines. While some advice and recommendations are part of the audit, if you’re looking for a detailed digital marketing strategy, we have another offer that might be better suited to you.

Who can order SEO and content marketing services?

We work with small and medium-sized companies, as well as in-house marketing and digital marketing teams, entrepreneurs and communications agencies.
We offer our services in German, French and English, and can cover national or regional requirements in the German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland.

What problems will you solve with this SEO and content marketing service?

Thanks to this audit, you’ll receive a detailed list of recommendations for improving your website.
This will go a long way to solving your indexing problems and lack of visibility in search engines.

How long does the Technical SEO Audit take?

The audit is available within 10 to 15 days, depending on the complexity of the website and the number of active languages.

Is personalized support included in the audit?

Two meetings/calls are included in the SEO audit.
The first lasts 30 to 45 minutes and is used to determine your needs in detail, as well as to list the various accesses required to carry out an audit.
The second lasts 60-90 min and is used to present the results and answer any questions you may have.