Discover the importance of local SEO for Swiss businesses

Seo local in Switzerland

One of the values of the Swiss culture is for sure the proximity and the support of local customers by the majority of the population.

Thus, SEO in Switzerland (local) is an indispensable lever to maximize online visibility for local businesses. 

Whether you run a small business in Lausanne, a restaurant in Geneva or a boutique in Zurich, being present in local search results is crucial to attracting customers from each region.

By working on local SEO, every business with a physical address can increase its visibility and attract a steady stream of local customers.

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Whether you are running an established business or a new company on the Swiss market, this article will help you understand the importance of local SEO to stand out and implement an effective strategy.

What is local SEO in Switzerland?

Local SEO allows local businesses to be visible in local results pages for specific search terms.

Every company with a physical address can benefit from local SEO and therefore work on its optimization.

Simply put, SEO for local SEO is no different than traditional SEO.

However, some optimizations are specific to mobile and local searches (term + location on google maps).

Little known in standard SEO strategies, it is however a very good practice to gain visibility quickly.

The evolution of search engines and the way local SEO is working

At the beginning, the content offered on the Internet was relatively accessible. Very quickly, in view of the popularity of the web, search engines appeared to classify the pages of the various sites in a more or less random way.

Directories allowed to find websites by themes, and some search engines displayed rankings according to the keywords searched.

Soon, these rankings became obsolete, especially because of the first SEO techniques implemented at that time.

It was enough to add repeatedly the targeted keywords in the content of a page to be in first position.

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Google has become the reference for search engines

Google has seen its reputation increase thanks to various algorithm updates that have greatly improved the relevance of its results over time.

This is how Google quickly became the undisputed reference of search engines.

Concerned about the accuracy of the information Google offers its users, new factors have also been used to develop local search and referencing.

Thus, the position of the user who performs the search, the type of device used, but also the presence of a “Google my business” file are all criteria taken into account by the algorithms for the display of results.

If before, a simple list of websites was sufficient in most cases, Google now offers results in the form of a map or enriched listing (number of reviews on a business, opening hours, etc.).

Swiss local referencing in figures

In an increasingly competitive environment, taking advantage of local SEO in Switzerland is a very good initiative.

The numbers in general speak for themselves:

  • 30% of mobile searches are related to a location (e.g. garage in Lausanne or dentist Geneva)
  • 78% of people who performed a local search with their smartphone went to the location within 24 hours
  • 28% of local searches are followed by a purchase

Being able to highlight your company in the search should be a priority for all those who have a physical location that may interest customers.

Consider that nearly 60% of Internet users prefer brands that offer their products online, but also in physical locations.

Quote:"Consider that nearly 60% of Internet users favor brands that offer their products online, but also in physical locations."

Factors taken into account by Google (website)

To be visible in local search, you must first create a “Google my Business” file.

The latter brings together all the important information around a business: its industry, specialties, services, product range, opening hours as well as customer feedback.

Regularly checking that this information is accurate is a necessity for good local SEO.

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Once the listing is set up, consistency is key. Make sure the phone number, address, and company name are the same across all of your internet media. Social networks, official company website or directories like or should be updated with every change.

There are three main factors for local search:

Proximity (French or German-speaking Switzerland)

How far away the potential location is from the locations searched in the query. A dentist in La Tène will have much better chance of appearing in a search for “Dentist Neuchâtel” than a dentist located in Lausanne.


The local popularity of a company. Google takes into account the number of citations, articles, reviews, etc. found on the internet.


Depending on the search made, Google displays the companies that best match the keywords. On the request “Italian restaurant Yverdon” there is little chance to see a Lebanese restaurant.

Local search is a major asset in a company’s SEO strategy, with regular updating of company information, it can help generate a significant number of leads (physical visits) even sales.

Frequently asked questions about Swiss local SEO:

To summarize

Local SEO in Switzerland is a great opportunity for all local businesses wishing to maximize their visibility on search engines and attract customers from their region;

By putting a strategy in place as early as possible, every business or physical store can get a prominent place in local search results;

This is to improve their online visibility on the one hand, but also to increase the number of physical potential customers.

The Swiss culture, focused on proximity and support of local customers, is perfectly in line with the advantages offered by local referencing.

If you’d like some guidance on improving your online visibility on local searches, please feel free to contact us. I’d be happy to discuss your project with you.

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